Bad Habits that Might Be Ruining Your Grooming Routine

The beard is usually sensitive, as it will often react significantly under certain conditions. For example, if it is exposed to too much heat, the hairs of the beard can dry up pretty quickly, thus leaving you with an unkempt beard that is hard to shape or style. So, sensitive facial hair would need constant care and maintenance, which can be done by cleaning it regularly and applying the best beard grooming products.

Another thing that you can do properly in taking care of your beard is to eliminate any bad habits that you may have developed while growing and maintaining a beard. You may typically make these bad habits subconsciously, or you may do them voluntarily, as you may believe that making these habits does not harm your beard. However, these bad habits actually harm your facial hair, so it is best to forget them. Here are some bad habits that might be ruining your grooming routine.

Touching Your Hair Too Much

This bad habit is common among people with beards, as most of them would have a tic that entices them to touch their beard sometimes, and this habit is harmful, especially if you have dirty hands from doing work or cleaning. A pair of dirty hands may have dirt, dust, bacteria, allergens, and other harmful elements stuck to it, and once you touch your beard using those hands, there is a very high chance that the elements will transfer to the hair of your beard and eventually cause problems to your health.

So, the best way to keep your beard clean is to never touch it using your hands while you are outdoors or even indoors. Touch your beard only if you are washing it or if you have no choice but to remove some dirt on the hairs. If you can’t seem to stop yourself from fidgeting with your beard whenever you are nervous, you can just buy a fidget spinner, a stress ball, or any items that will keep your hands occupied.

Plucking Gray Hairs

Another common habit that many men have is plucking the gray hairs on their beards. They usually do this because they hate having gray hairs on their beard, as they believe that a beard with only black hair is much more pleasing to look at. However, what they don’t realize is that they may cause more problems to their beard by plucking the gray hairs, which could result in their beard looking more unkempt and less healthy.

Some of the major problems that can occur on the beard if you continue plucking gray hairs are infections that can worsen on the spot where the gray hair grows, irritation caused by the infection, and ingrown hairs that can be painful to have and to remove. Don’t pluck the gray hairs out if you don’t want to experience these dilemmas, and just embrace the current look of your beard.


Using Hair Shampoo for Your Facial Hair

It is a misconception by some people that hairs growing on the top of your head have the same texture and consistency as the hairs on your beard. Unfortunately, this is truly a misconception, as beard hairs would be a little bit more sensitive despite their rough texture and thick width. The chemical found in regular hair shampoo may cause damage to your beard hairs, so it would be best that you exclusively use a special beard shampoo so that you will have a safer way of washing your beard.

The best beard shampoo products would have natural ingredients that are suitable for sensitive hairs. You can learn more about these natural shampoo products by researching them online or by following recommendations from your friends or family members. You should also wash your beard only two to three times a week so that you won’t overdo the washing and cause damage to the facial hair.

Utilizing a Hair Brush to Style Your Beard

Besides using hair shampoo, there are also some men that utilize hair brushes to style their beards. Using a hair brush for your beard is a huge mistake, as its bristles may be too short to get in the deeper parts of the beard, or the bristles may be too rough that it may damage some hairs. Luckily, there is a beard grooming item called a beard brush that is made specifically to style your beard while also gently brushing it to get rid of dirt, dust, and other elements stuck on the hairs.

What’s great about the best beard brushes that you can buy in beard grooming stores and online shops is that their bristles are cut in different sizes, which can help to apply “layered brushing” to your beard. In addition to the beard brush, there is also another item called a beard comb that is specifically used for styling your beard more efficiently. Again, a regular hair comb is not recommended for beards, so use a special beard comb if you want the hairs of your beard to be straight and styled.

These are four bad habits that you need to forget or avoid in order to have a clean and properly maintained beard. Buying beard grooming products can be quite expensive, especially if you purchase items and tools that are made from natural ingredients and materials. But, making a budget for beard grooming is truly worth it, as you will be able to have a healthier and cleaner beard that looks more attractive and appealing.