Tips for Protecting Your Beard and Mustache with Facemasks

Growing a beard means not removing your facial hair and let it stay on your hair for quite some time. With this, you would have to make sure that your beard or mustache is safe and away from harm. However, considering all the harsh elements when you step outside your house, it wouldn’t be that simple to secure the health of your facial hair, as well as your whole body.

One thing to keep in mind is the use of facemask. For some people, facemasks are a typical day-to-day item worn for protection by health workers, people with illness, or those trying to avoid getting caught by a viral disease.

With all these reasons, facemasks would be stuck on a person’s face for hours or probably the whole day.

Our only concern about this is how about guys who have a beard, would it have any effect on their facial hair? Does having a beard or a mustache weakens the efficiency of putting on a facemask? In this case, what would be the best way to protect the facial hair with facemasks?

Adjust the Style of Your Facial Hair

In simple terms, there is no problem having a beard or a mustache while wearing a facemask. The problem comes in when your facial hair lies along the sides of the facemask, which is supposed to be sealed tightly. Instead of the facemask providing its maximum protection, the facial hair is interfering with the job by not letting the mask tightly fit on the wearer’s face.

Because of this improper way of wearing facemasks, risks would be higher as it won’t be able to serve its purpose.
The best way for us to protect ourselves, and of course our facial hair, is to follow the proper way of wearing facemasks. One important thing to consider is to change the style of your facial hair, which would still be appropriate for facemasks.

As described earlier, the facemask should be tightly sealed, and the facial hair should not interfere.

To do this, here’s a CDC infographic for more information about facial hairstyles that work best.
Beard Facemask Mustache
This infographic shows various styles that would work best with facial hair and facemasks. As displayed in the picture, facial hair is fine as long as it doesn’t touch the sides of the facemask.

If you don’t feel comfortable with removing your beard or mustache, try to consider these styles, so you could still have the same powerful, confident, and manly feeling when you step outside, and at the same time protecting yourself with a facemask.