Best Beard Care Practices When Working From Home

The coronovirus outbreak means you might be responsible for your own beard care. Here are all the best beard care tips you need!

With companies all over the world are asking their employees to work from home, self-care is critical for maintaining positive well-being.

Are you looking for tips on the best beard care? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to maintain your beard while at home. Check it out!

Use Your Beard Oil

Order some beard oil online or use the one you have at home. Beard oil will help hydrate both your skin beneath the beard and the hair itself.

Check to see if the beard oil contains silicone. Silicone’s known to mask split ends and doesn’t condition the hair.

You should use the beard oil after you’ve gotten out of the shower. Your hair cells and pores will open beneath the warm water and the oil will absorb better.

Before applying the oil, pat your beard down with a towel. Oil works best in damp beards.

You might need to use a few extra drops if you have a bigger beard. A big beard could use up to eight drops, whereas a smaller one could use four.

Don’t Forget Beard Balm

Your beard balm will also help moisturize your beard. The balm will take a lot longer to absorb compared to beard oil. Yet, the balm is longer-lasting. It can hold down stubborn stray hairs.

Use a nickel-sized amount of balm. Rub the balm between your hands before you work it through your beard and on your skin. If you have some left on your hands, put it on dry skin spots or your hair.

Look up the Ingredients

If you need to buy some new product, make sure you research the ingredients. Try to find products that get made from natural ingredients.

You want to try and avoid silicone, perfumes, and parabens. Chemical ingredients can harm your skin and irritate sensitive skin types.

Nutrient-Rich Products

Did you know that beard growth products contain zinc, magnesium, biotin, and vitamins E, D, and B?

Do you suffer from acne? You can find products that have ingredients with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When possible, buy all-natural products.

Use Your Beard Brush and Beard Comb

Brushes and combs will keep your beard in check. Use these tools to keep your hair in one specific area.

Your combs and brushes will also get rid of dead hair. You can use these tools to shape your beard into a specific style. When brushing a shorter beard, make sure you are careful. You can irritate the skin.

Brushing will help distribute your skin’s natural oils throughout your facial hair. Brushing will add volume to your beard and soften facial hair.

Even if you’re working from home, take the time to work on your beard each morning.

Use Your Beard Trimmers or Scissors

When you need to style your hair, you’ll want to pick a style that matches the shape of your face.

You can train your beard by trimming certain areas. This will help keep your beard in line. A longer beard’s easier to tame.

You can use your trimmers and scissors to get rid of any pesky hair. Trim the hair that won’t even get tamed from beard oil or balm.

If your beard has started to grow, you want to trim away any excess parts that can start to look unkempt. Trim your beard with care. This way, you won’t get any misshaped areas.

Wash Your Beard

If you don’t wash your beard hair, it will become greasy. This can cause hair to start to fall out. Wash your beard for the skin and hair beneath.

Aim to wash your beard up to three times a week. If your hair’s oily, wash it more often.

Washing your beard will also help its growth. Your hair will remain hydrated and healthy.

Don’t use regular shampoo on your beard. This will dry out the skin beneath your beard and the hair. You can pick up a natural beard wash to keep it healthy.

To keep your beard clean, try not to touch or stroke your beard. Trim the hairs around your lips.

Styling Your Beard

Before styling your beard, you’ll need a comb, balm, hairdryer, and a beard brush, if possible.

Apply beard oil or balm to your beard after your shower. Once applied, use your hairdryer. You can get rid of unwanted curls and shape your beard.

After, you’ll want to apply a styling balm. Rub a nickel-sized amount between your palms and warm it up. Apply to the outside of your beard, then the base of your beard, and into your mustache.

Use your beard comb to smooth your beard’s surface and shape it how you like. Keep practicing, and over time, you will figure out how to style your beard.

Watch Your Diet

Beards grow best when you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet. Drink water throughout the day so your skin stays well-hydrated. Try to avoid eating greasy food too often.

If you have to work from home during this outbreak of Coronavirus, you will still want to take good care of yourself! Use these tips to ensure your beard stays looking sharp now and when you’re ready to go back out in public.

Now You Have the Best Beard Care Practices

We hope you found this guide on beards helpful. Use these best beard care practices while working from home.

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