Tips For Teaching Your Son To Shave

My how fast our sons grow! You may remember teaching them how to brush their teeth or encouraging them when they set off to their first day of school. Now there is signs of hair on his face and it’s time to teach him how to shave.

Lessons To Share With Your Son As You Teach Him How To Shave

Tips For Teaching Your Son To Shave 2

Always have everything you will need ready

Proper preparation makes shaving better and more enjoyable because there will be no stops and starts during the process. Remind him always to get everything they require for the shave with them including from the razor to shaving creams, and towels.

One way to ensure he is set to go is by gifting him a shaving kit.  He’ll always remember that and get great use out of it. Remind him that preparation makes everything easy.  Here are a few shaving kits to consider:

This is an ideal gift for your son. It has 6 items (a safety razor, stainless steel shave bowl, 5 Astra razor blades, shave soap, badger hairbrush, and an alum block) that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Teach him how to prepare his face

Teach him to wash his face with hot water and soap and then rinse it off. Remind him always to wet his whiskers, to make the shaving cream lubricate better, and the blade to glide and slice off the hairs smoothly. He should know the importance of this step in preventing razor burn. If you are teaching him with the electric razor, you might find it crucial to encourage him to use electric shave lotion. He should keep in mind that the pre-shave is as essential as aftershave if he does not want the shave irritation.

The direction of the grain

Let him know that it is crucial to shave with the grain. Remind him to start shaving from the ear and work their way to the mouth. He should always flow with the direction of growth of his hair to make it less painful and reduce the risk of razor bumps. Teach your son to go slow, and that he should use light and even pressure when he is stroking the blade. It would be vital to encourage him not to try too hard to relax and maintain control and that that is where the fun is.

Prepare him for accidents

Sometimes there could be some bleeding due to a minor nick Your son should know it is normal, and it is the path to knowledge. In case your son gets a cut as you are shaving him, let him not to freak out. Teach him how to stop the bleeding. This way, when something similar happens when you are not around, he will know what to do.


When you are done, show your son how he should wash his face gently with warm and clean water. Remind him never to rub, but instead, to pat dry and apply a moisturizer to soften the skin. This is an essential step as it helps to prevent infections and, therefore, advise your son never to skip it.

The cleanup

Wrap up the lesson by teaching him to clean up properly.  Make sure the sink is cleaned up from hair and any shaving cream.  Be sure to rinse the razors and gently tap the hair out of them. And of course put everything away neatly.


When the time comes for your son to start shaving, don’t do it for him as tempting as it might be. Instead, guide him through the whole process and let him do it himself. This will increase his confidence, and it also shows that you recognize that he is a man now, and you trust him.

You now have all you need to make your son’s first shaving experience an unforgettable one. With the above tips, you will able to have a great time with your son while teaching him a lesson that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.