Sunglasses Trends in 2020 for Men That Have Beards

Beards and man-buns are just some of the fashion and grooming trends to come up during the past decade–and rest assured, we’ll definitely be carrying them into the next few years with us.

While beards can make you look more manly and can create the illusion of a stronger jaw, they can also look unkempt and get messy really easily.

One great way of balancing this out and making sure you always look stylish and put together is by putting on a pair of sunglasses that complement your beard. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the styles that look great with beards!

1. Wayfarers & Stubble

If you’re just about to grow your beard and it’s at that five o’clock shadow phase, then Ray Ban wayfarers are the way to go. Because they’re a bit oversized and bold, they help take the emphasis off of the awkward stages of growing your beard.

They’re also bold enough to add that bit of dressiness and elevation to any outfit, while still keeping it effortless and casual. They also help define your features, giving you the illusion of chiselled cheekbones and drawing more attention to the centre of your face.

2. Angular Frames & a Standard Beard

Another word for a standard beard would be a dad beard, covering most of the lower half of one’s face. Full beards can often cause an obscurity effect, hiding the real shape of one’s face. This can make you look bigger or rounder than you actually are. It might also make it seem like you’ve disappeared into your beard.

Angular frames sunnies are perfect for men with full beards because they help draw the line of the eye up and balance the dimensions of one’s face. They also add that bit of definition to the face, making you look like you own your beard instead of the other way around.

3. Aviators & a Full Beard

Aviators are classy, manly, and scream adventure–they’re perfect for men sporting a full beard. While full beards can be tricky especially if they’re not properly shaped or trimmed, putting on a pair of aviators adds a certain coolness and elegance to this look.

They keep a full beard from looking untrimmed and shaggy while still not taking away from the visual enjoyment of the beard itself. These are also a great way to add a bit of dressiness to your outfit if you happen to be wearing a suit or a dress shirt.

4. Horn-rimmed Sunglasses & a Mustache

Horn-rimmed sunglasses or any glasses with a heavy browline are perfect to pair with a moustache. Moustaches often look silly because they drag the eye line down to the mouth, with no way to balance the top of the face. Horn-rimmed sunglasses help maintain balance within the face, giving you a look that’s sleek and put together instead of comical and strange.

Horn-rimmed sunglasses are also a great way of adding a bit of sophistication to any outfit that you’ll be wearing with a moustache. This is because they’re not associated with any profession or stereotype–for example, wearing aviators with a moustache are a no-no because they’ll call to mind policemen from old sitcoms.

5. Goatee & Rectangular Aviator Shades

Goatees can look incredibly sharp and can take you from a regular Joe to a handsome devil in no time. However, they can also look a little bit silly and like you’ve tried too hard to look polished. A great solution for this is to slip on a pair of rectangular aviator shades.

Goatees can emphasize roundness in your face because of the thin lines that it entails. By putting on rectangular aviators, you can create more angles which balance out the dimensions of your face. This will create harmony and keep you looking sharp. If you’re going for a classic look, it’s best to go with metal frames in either gunmetal silver or muted gold. If you’re going for something a little bit trendier and hip, go for plastic frames in a bold pattern like tortoiseshell or houndstooth.

When you’re out choosing your next pair of sunglasses, make sure to take the shape of your beard into consideration. Instead of just evaluating your face shape per se, make sure to check how your face shape has changed with the addition of your facial hair. This will help you choose a pair that’s flattering and which makes your beard an asset rather than a distraction.

If you’re shopping at a physical store, make sure to try the shades on and see how they make you look. Another great idea is to check a number of online stores–they usually have a lot of photo catalogues and even software that allows you to upload a photo of yourself. Choose a store that has a lot of options and great assistance.