How to Establish a Beard Grooming Routine

It is fairly common that beards don’t grow regularly and consistently for most of us, so there is no way for people to know exactly when it will grow long enough to trim and style it. However, what we can do to properly groom our beard is to know what to do in times that it has grown too long in certain days or weeks. We will memorize what we can to trim our beard when we establish a beard grooming routine, which is a process wherein we take several steps in order to properly and neatly style out facial hair.

Establishing a beard grooming routine is relatively easy, but you first have to learn about the basic steps that you should take to trim and maintain your beard. To help you create your own procedure for grooming your beard, here are some tips in establishing a proper beard grooming routine.

Know When to Start Trimming

Like we stated at the introduction of this article, a beard usually doesn’t grow consistently, so it can be frustrating to monitor when exactly your beard will grow too long or when it may not even grow at all. But, you shouldn’t be frustrated during this situation, as you just need to be patient as to when your beard will grow to the right length that is perfect for trimming or styling. 

A suitable beard for trimming would appear every four to six weeks, depending on how long it takes for your body hairs to grow. So, try waiting for about one month before you start trimming your beard and just let it grow. In addition to waiting, you may also want to have a good diet and good exercise every day, as these are said to be helpful in speeding up the process of growing your beard.

Pick the Beard Style that Suits Your Face Shape

Not all styles of beards are suitable for us, so it is important that we know which styles are perfect for the shape of our face. If you have a relatively small face, a long beard would best suit you to make your face a little bit longer. But, if you have a long face, we recommend that you have a shorter beard that is actually easier to trim and style. Match your beard with your face shape so that you will look much more attractive in wearing a beard. If the beard style doesn’t match the shape of your face, then growing your beard may not be worth it. So, research on which styles would work best for your face shape so that the beard that you’ve been growing for so long won’t get wasted on an incompatible style.

Learn Basic Trimming Techniques

trimmer used for trimming beards

Of course, if you want to try trimming your beard, you would need to learn a basic trimming technique that could help you style your beard much better. The most important trimming technique that you should learn is shaving or trimming against the grain, which means that you need to shave in the direction that is opposite to where the hairs of your beard grow. 

So, if your beard hairs grow downwards, you would need to trim it upwards. The next technique to learn is tapering the edges of the neckline to make it look neater. Tapering the neckline can be difficult, especially if you are a beginner, so make sure that you watch tutorial videos online on how to do it or ask for advice from your friends or family members on how to trim the neckline of your beard.

Clean Your Beard Regularly

Another crucial step that you should take to have a proper beard grooming routine is to wash your beard regularly. Washing our beard does not only help take away the dirt, grime, and other harmful elements from its hairs, but it is also beneficial in providing moisture for our beard and skin. You can use a special beard shampoo to keep your beard moisturized for longer periods of time, and then dry your beard using a face towel. Once the beard is dry, you can then use a beard brush to brush away stubborn dirt or dust particles and to also keep the hairs straight. Straight hairs on your beard are also great if you are going to trim it afterward, as keeping them brushed downwards would allow you to trim the hairs in equal lengths.

Remember to Apply Beard Oil

Besides washing and using beard shampoo, it would also be nice to apply beard oil to your facial hair after taking a bath or after trimming it. The beard oil adds another layer of moisturizing elements to your beard and skin, and some products would even give your beard protection against harmful elements like UV rays. Buy the best beard oil products by reading or watching reviews online or by asking for recommendations from your friends as to what products they use for their beard. By applying beard oil, your beard would look much better and healthier than usual.

These steps are what you will need to follow in order to establish a great beard grooming routine. You may opt to skip some steps and personalize your routine, but it would be best to keep the steps intact since all of them are beneficial in producing a good-looking beard. Try growing your beard for four to six weeks, and then memorize or follow the steps above to ensure that you will have a proper beard grooming routine that you can maintain for years.