For Men Only: 5 Ways to Style Your Curly Hair Like a Pro

Are you a man with curly hair? First of all, congrats. Now that you’ve owned your look, here are 5 ways to style your curly hair!

Let’s face it: the curly hair type is harder to identify on men than women, so knowing how to style your curly hair can be just as hard. Depending on what your curl type is, your curly hair may take up to 3 inches of length before it actually curls. And since many curly hair men would rather keep their curls short, it means that many curly hair folks have little to no know idea how to style their own hair.

Before jumping into how to style your curly hair, you should first give your hair an examination. Or you can read this article first and we’ll guide you on identifying your curly hair type and how to style curly hair. Here are 5 easy ways to finally get it right!

Type 1 Curly Hair: The Smooth Swoop

Having Type 1 curly hair means that your hair takes 3 inches before it forms a curl. If your hair is less than 3 inches, you’ll notice your curls begin around 1.5 inches. And if your hair is even shorter than that, you’ll probably notice that your hair is more straight at the roots than curly.

When you have this hair type, your hair is actually more wavy than curly but should not be confused for straight hair. There are plenty of hairstyles for you to have with this hair type — think George Clooney! We recommend trying the Side Swept hairstyle or the Mop Top.

Use a hair gel that keeps your waves smooth rather than sticky or try a pomade if you’re side sweeping your hair and want to slick your waves back. There’s hair wax that’ll keep your hair styled and secured with its all-day control. And for extra volume, simply blow dry your short curly hair (or long curly hair) with a solid hairdryer.

Type 2 Curly Hair: The Shoulder Length Curls

You’ll know that you have Type 2 curls if they look like the scrunched up version of Type 1, plus your hair curls at a shorter length (1 to 2 inches). If your hair is less than an inch, you should be able to see your curls forming already at half an inch. Either way, we’ve got you covered on how to style this preciously, tightly-wound locks!

With this hair type, knowing how to style your hair can get a little tricky. Since your hair is a blend of both wavy and curly, you probably have seen your hair change from when it’s air dry versus when it’s completely wet. For example, you could have tighter waves fresh out of the shower and then looser curls by the end of the day.

If you look at celebrities like Nick Jonas or Adrian Grenier, you’ll see examples of Type 2 hair. It can still be mistaken for having straight hair when it’s cut very short, but keep in mind that even if your hair is short, you still have curly hair. Two of the best styles for this hair type are the Shoulder Length and the Ceasar Cut hairstyles.

We recommend using hair gels with a light hold and a natural gloss or substitute for hair mousse that will give your looser curls a more natural look. It will also tame any frizz while giving your short or long curls a medium hold. If you add that with the use of a good ol’ blowdryer, you’ll volumize your hair in no time.

Type 3 Curly Hair: The Curly Bob

Type 3 hair is also known as coils, ringlets, or coiled and is the most common curl type that people think of when they hear about curly hair. Curly hair examples would include Justin Timberlake, Will Ferrell, and John Turturro. Or you might hear people refer to your hair as a curly little bob, which is always apart of the curly haircut trends.

A few great hairstyles for this type of hair are the Faux Hawk or the Ivy League/military haircut. These are short styles that are well-suited for curly hair men. You can also sport the military haircuts no matter your curly hair type.

Styling cream works better than moose on this hair type since they tame your frizz and keep your coils looking natural. Hair wax creates a matte effect to your curls and keeps them in place. And hairspray can keep your curls in place while adding a bit of shine.

Type 4 Curly Hair: The Kinky Curls

Here’s another scrunched up version of our previous hair type. These curls a formed much closer to the scalp, at a quarter to one half of an inch. They form tight E-shaped curls and are easy to notice, even if you shave your hair all of the ways down.

Type 4 hair is also known as curly-kinky, coiled, and kinky hair. Jaden Smith and Corbin Bleu are prime examples of these hair types and they know just how to style their curls. Try the Fade haircut or the High and Tight hairstyle.

We also recommend using styling creams to make your tight coils take shape. Leave-in conditioner works perfectly for letting your curls sit and do their thing without looking dry. Pomades and hair mousse are good for keeping your curls in place, particularly around the hairline.

Type 5 Curly Hair: The Curly Afro

If you have Type 5 curly hair, you’ll notice that your curls form more of a “Z” shape instead of the coiled and cursive E shape from previous types. Type 5 hair is tightly coiled and typically doesn’t have enough length to have a visible curve. Your curls form in less than a quarter of an inch and are apparent, even when shaved down.

You might hear this hair type referred to as being kinky or afro-textured. Will Smith and Cuba Gooding Jr. have prime examples of this hair type. The best hairstyles are the Fade haircut, the Recon haircut, or the quick and easy Afro.

Leave-in conditioner is a must if your hair is longer than 6 inches so you can keep your hair looking moisturized in any style. Curling cream also works well for taming frizz and keeping your hair moisturized. But coconut butter is the special sauce since it shapes your hair and coats your tight curls — use it right out of the shower!

Now You Can Style Your Curly Hair With Ease

No more struggling to get your curls right and no more fighting to find the right hairstyle for you. Once you can identify your curly hair type, you can style your curly hair with ease. There are plenty of sources for inspiration on the web, but starting here will put you on the right track!