Reasons Why Men Wear a Beard But No Mustache

Beard but no mustache has gained another round of popularity nowadays. And when we talk about a popular thing for men’s style of grooming and living, it seems that it attracts both criticism and praise from various corners. There are plenty of reasons why men opt for a beard but no mustache, and this is more of a personal statement. This is a more comfortable discussion between men alike.

Regardless of race, color, religion, and preferences, you can find men who agree that their personal choices on how they look help them shape their outlook in life. For instance, a beard no mustache black man is just simply cool to look. On the other hand, many would also look at him differently. And this is not just about being stereotypical. It is also evident in the way people criticize beard but no moustache. This kind of people also wish that beards have to disappear.

“The detractors probably do not realize that there are health benefits to having a beard, which means that it is time to educate them on why men with beards tend to be healthier than those who cut their facial hair,” said Holly Chavez, writer and entrepreneur, at Life Hack.

Another beard enthusiast, Austin Collard, said that a beard without a mustache is not just coming back, but it has also become an easy-to-do style known for centuries. Unless you live under a rock, you will never know about this!

Interestingly, there are myriad reasons by why many men opt for mustache-less beard.  Others do it because of their religion, some wear it to enhance the shape of their jawline or face, while others just love the idea of beard no mustache because of its uniqueness.

A classic example of this is the choice of the Amish. They wear cool bready styles of beards with no mustaches simply because of their tradition and certain beliefs. Accordingly, the mustache has been taken as unclean for the Amish. They do not want to look the same with “evil-looking” European soldiers who wear curly mustaches. They did not want to be associated with the European military, thus they did not grow their moustaches.

Old-fashioned bearded man with a hat

The married Amishmen wear beards of different lengths. According to Amish America, to show how conservative or progressive a community is, they also wear beards from chiseled-neat to short, or straggly-looking. Furthermore, the Amish also stick to their religious belief. Following some Bible verses, the Amish take care of their beards as a symbol of their faithfulness to the words of God. The Amish embrace the Bible verses, “Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard (Leviticus 19:27),” and “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard! (Psalm 133: 1-2)”

“While some men think that beard and mustache can’t go one without the other, the others are rocking styles without mustache fearlessly,” noted Vinnie – Barber of Beard Oholic.

Men who wear a beard but no mustache believe that they will find distinction in their choice. They know that they will stand out from the rest of the people around them.

 “With so many sophisticated, professional and cool mustache-less styles available, there never was a better time to grow one yourself,” said Vinnie.

“Distinguishing yourself amongst the crowd, looking professional at work, shaving or trimming your ‘stache too much by mistake or wanting a specific style that simply looks better without the mustache,” he added.

Hand of barber brushing beard. Barbershop customer,front view. Beard grooming tips for beginners.

Some fascinating reasons why men wear a beard but no mustache

1. Beard builds self-confidence

Believe it or not, having a beard increases man’s sense of power and self-confidence. Men who have high confidence in themselves are more successful in various aspects. This is why men wear beard: they aim for a higher standard and more successes in their lives.

2. Beard provides a natural filter

Men who have beards have the advantage of having filtering protection from certain allergens and airborne bacteria to keep them out of your mouth. In this way, you are more protected from effects of some medical conditions, like allergies or hay fever. Furthermore, growing your beard prevents other bacterial infections on your face. Since bacteria come from different sources, they can easily enter your skin if it has openings, like during your shaving time. When you shave, you will open the pores of your skin for the bacteria to get in. When you have a beard, the pores of your skin are somehow covered.

3. Beard blocks UV rays

Beard gives you protection from getting cancer. According to various studies, having thick beards gives capabilities to your body in blocking put some 95 percent of the UV rays from the sun. Not to mention, your beard also helps prevent your skin from getting burnt.

4. Beard minimizes the chance of gum disease

Having a beard and moustache helps protect your mouth area. These beard and moustache keep airborne bacteria from entering your mouth, thus lessening the possibility of gum disease. However, this reason should not be seen as an ultimate basis for you not to brush your teeth three times a day!

5. Beard helps moisten your skin

When you shave, the pores in your skin open up. Shaving can also result in some cuts on your face. When your pores are more exposed, it leads to the loss of moisture in your skin or, worse, the damage of your skin through the flakes, especially during winter or summertime.

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6. Beard gives you smooth skin

There is a big possibility that you have smooth skin under your facial hair of you grow your beards. Moreover, beards also help prevent acne. Citing another research, growing your beard and taking care of it promotes healthy skin. When you shave your face, the more the bacteria that causes acne tend to spread around your face.

7. Beard gives you fewer wrinkles

Beards help protect your face from direct exposure to the sun. In this way, you minimize the chance of having wrinkles. 

8. Beard reinforces a positive image

 A study showed that men who grow their beards fuller are perceived to be more positive, attractive, mature, and healthy.