Classic Grooming for Men

With a resurgence of the beard across the Western world comes the responsibilities of having great facial hair. After so long in the wilderness, there are still precious few resources for men with beards, mustaches, and sideburns to turn to when it comes to maintaining and grooming their whiskers.

Even though many males, young and old, are harnessing their natural looks with pride, you don’t have to look far to notice someone who needs a trim, who should be using beard oil, or who has chosen the wrong style for his face. We owe it to Man as a great and noble being to get things right with this manly pursuit.

Bearded man sitting with cigar and champagne
Living the Beard Institute dream. Would this even be impressive if this gentleman didn’t have a beard? Of course not.

That’s where Beard Institute comes in.

We applaud the increasing number of beards we see, as it is a strong, natural look and very few things say “manliness” like facial hair done right. However, as people pick up on the trend, there isn’t enough education that is going along with it, so many men who have never been exposed to proper facial hair are making the decision to stop shaving without the knowledge required to take proper care and harness the real power of the beard.

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Groom your beard with the best of them with our best beard oil and balm page, shampoo and conditioner, then get a brush to keep it looking fine. And don’t forget to take your vitamins to keep your beard luscious.