Step-by-Step Guide to Properly Using a Beard Trimmer for Beginners

Guys are accustomed to spotting a man going down the street with a tight beard and thinking how on earth they managed to shape it that way. Everybody’s style begins at the beard trimmer, whether it is sharp edges or simply a simple, lovely fade.

There are several articles about beard trimming. Some are designed for men with lengthy beards. Some are for men with short beards. Here, let us discuss the Ultimate Guide for beginners on using a beard trimmer for any beard.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer

A man’s grooming kit should include a beard trimmer. Your winter beard may be neatened up using a trimmer to make it appear well-kept and respectable. If you choose not to be clean-shaven, it can also help you acquire a nicer closer trim. It is simple to use and maintain your beard trimmer. You may give yourself a superb trim and clean your trimmer in a matter of minutes by changing guards and keeping the blades greased.

Beard Trimmer on Different Beard Lengths

Long and short hairs can be cut with electric beard trimmers. Depending on the length and desired shape of your beard, you must learn how to determine what guard to use when trimming it.

Follow these guidelines on how to style a short beard or a long one to obtain the perfect cut every time.

Short Beards

To benefit from utilizing a beard trimmer, you do not need to have a thick, bushy beard. Trimmers are fantastic tools for managing short beards or stubble. Want to appear flawless all the time? After that, use a stubble trimmer with a low guard to get a neat and kept-up appearance.

Long Beard

Before using a trimmer, wash, condition, and comb your facial hair if it is a medium to long beard. For a clear and easy view of the regions that require trimming, brush your beard hairs in the opposite direction of the grain.

The key to cutting longer facial hair is selecting the appropriate comb attachments. To make sure you are not taking more off than you intended, always start with a higher guard! Use lower guards to add definition after that.

It is advised to print out photos of your ideal looks to use as a reference while trying out various beard styles so you know where to cut.

Using a neck trimmer

Make sure you get an electric beard trimmer that is ergonomically constructed because trimming the hair along your neckline might be challenging. Simply use a low guard equally and adhere to the same advice for short beards if your neckline has short hairs.

An alternative is to utilize beard trimming attachments with higher guards and, if required, work your way down to obtain the desired look if your neck hair is longer.

An electric trimmer

Things to do before using a beard trimmer

Beard trimming is simple if you follow the right procedures. It is now time to start preparing for the trim because you have discovered the perfect electric beard trimmer for your requirements. For a convenient and simple trim, adhere to these three steps:

1. Washing, moisturizing, and softening your beard

Make sure your beard is clean before even pulling out your gear for cutting beards. Even if you are in a rush, make sure you do not skip this crucial initial step since trimming a dirty beard might block your electric trimmer.

Begin by using a beard shampoo to clean your beard. Your beard’s hair will become more hydrated after washing and conditioning, making trimming simpler.

2. Brush or comb your beard

When your beard has had a chance to dry a little, comb or use a beard brush to sort through the hairs. Our best advice is to first brush or comb downward against the grain and then upward. By combing your beard in this manner, you can readily tell which areas need trimming since your hair will stand straight.

3. Utilize your chosen electric beard trimmer to trim your beard

Your beard is ready to be trimmed now that it has been cleaned and prepared. Start by using a trimmer with a higher guard attachment if your beard is longer. You will not unintentionally clip your beard too short if you do this.

Use several attachments if you want to create beard styles with various lengths and forms. Use a lower guard on the sides of your cheekbones and temples while trimming goatee beard styles, and a higher guard on your chin.

man taking beard shave

How to choose a beard trimmer

You might want to have a look at the many features and choices available before purchasing a beard trimmer. Do you require a strong and trustworthy trimmer to get the greatest close shave? Or perhaps you are constantly on the move and want a cordless trimmer that’s simple to clean while still producing accurate edging.

Here are some features to look for in each of the four main categories of electric beard trimmers—cordless, wired, dry shave, and wet shave—in order to obtain the best results:

For a close, even shave

Select a beard and hair trimmer with stainless steel blades for a close, even shave. The quality of the blades is truly what matters, therefore regardless of whether you choose a cordless, wired, dry shave, or wet type, the quality of the blades should be your first consideration.

Accurate Edging

Select a beard trimmer with well-designed handles to obtain a crisp appearance. Because cutting a beard is so precise, even a minor mistake may destroy your appearance. No matter the model you choose, be sure you can grasp it securely and comfortably by testing the grip.

Alternating combs for various hair lengths

The greatest hair and beard trimmers include a variety of attachment heads and guards that may be used on hair of various lengths. These movable combs attach straight to your trimmer. Choose models with a wider range of attachments if you enjoy changing up your appearance. A style you like? Keep it simple and choose conventional comb trimmers.

Easily washable and waterproof

Buy a waterproof electric beard trimmer if you want to trim in the shower. These versions don’t rust and are made to be used in water. But if you enjoy the simplicity and usefulness of dry shaving, have no fear—many dry trimmers can also be used in water and are simple to wash and rinse off.

portrait of a bearded man in eyeglasses standing in a field

Benefits of having a beard trimmer

Learning how to use a beard trimmer can surely give you extra beard style points, regardless of whether you are going for a neat and orderly appearance or a jaw-dropping chiseled chin strap beard. In reality, beard trimmers are not just for those with thick beards; they are also the ideal tool for people who want a tight cut without shaving.

Interested in the benefits? You should start utilizing an electric beard trimmer for the following three reasons:

The options for style, shape, and trimming are unlimited

Why select just one kind of manly beard when there are so many to choose from? You may unleash your creativity and experiment with various looks at home by making an investment in an excellent beard and hair trimmer.

By utilizing a trimmer, you may select from a variety of head attachments and guards to trim, shape, and style your hair precisely. You will also undoubtedly discover the trimmer that suits your demands thanks to the enormous selection, which includes cordless and multi-groomers.

You save time and money by cutting your beard

By equipping yourself with a beard trimmer, you can shorten the time it takes to groom yourself! Going to the barber may be a regular part of your self-care regimen, but have you ever considered the long-term costs?

Why not treat visits to the barbershop as special occasions and maintain your at-home regimen for routine beard maintenance touch-ups? You will save money, which you may use to buy those necessary beard supplies, and valuable time as well.

Trim from the convenience and comfort of your home

Getting a beard trimmer makes it simple to trim beards at home! There are several advantages to being proficient with a beard trimmer, but convenience is our favorite one.

So, if you want a well-groomed beard, the best method to ensure that no stray hair will ever damage your appearance is to carry a handy trimmer at home or on the go.

A man with shaving cream on his face


Finally, perfecting beard trimming is essential for attaining a well-groomed and fashionable appearance. An array of grooming choices, from short stubble to sophisticated styles, are available when using a beard trimmer. It allows for quick at-home maintenance while saving time and money. Utilizing a high-quality trimmer gives people the ability to confidently manage their facial hair and maintain a consistently well-groomed appearance.