The Top Winter Beard Care Tips You Need to Know

Your winter will be a lot better if you grow a beard. Your mug rug offers protection from frigid weather, UV rays, and windburn. Even your life could be saved by it. The paradox is that while a beard is a comfortable companion in cold and blistering weather, winter is also the worst season for your beard. Your hair dries out and becomes brittle due to low humidity and severe environmental conditions. When it comes to beard maintenance, winter is the time to kick it up. This necessitates diligent moisturizing and a few adjustments to your regular routine to maximize moisture absorption.

Follow the following tips to make your winter season best with your beard.

Man in Brown Fleece Jacket Ice Skating

When you are outside, keep your beard covered

In addition to making for a great photo opportunity, #IceBeards cause considerable harm to your beard, making it fragile and prone to breaking.

Take the following actions to prevent growing an ice beard:

  • Wear a scarf over your beard
  • If your beard becomes wet from snow, ice, or rain, rinse it off soon once to avoid turning bald

Old man looking in the mirror brushing beard

Make care to comb and brush your beard

Numerous advantages come with beard brushing. It maintains your beard neat, clean, and well-groomed. It evenly distributes beard oil throughout your beard, putting an end to the dryness of winter. It increases circulation, which helps the growth of a healthy beard.

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Add extra moisture

1. Conditioner

When it is chilly and crisp outside, conditioner should be your go-to product. Even on days when you do not use beard wash, you should use it. Aim for conditioning your beard three to four times every week.

2. Beard oil

Apply a few drops of beard oil as soon as you get out of the shower to take advantage of your skin’s still-wet state. You can use beard oil in the morning, once during the day, and once more at night, depending on how dry your beard is. To find the frequency that is right for you, experiment.

3. Beard balm

After applying beard oil, use beard balm. Beeswax will lock in the moisture, giving your skin and beard an extra dose of hydration. Additionally, you may use beard balm to delicately shape your beard and mustache so that you always seem put together, regardless of how savage the wind is.

a bearded man in a jacket standing outside

Refuse the hot water

We understand that you might want to take a hot shower to forget about the bitter cold outdoors. Even while it may feel wonderful to take a hot shower, hot water is your beard’s biggest enemy. Natural oils that might ordinarily moisturize your skin and hair are removed by hot water. This leads to dry, brittle hair and itchy skin.

Instead, reduce the water’s temperature and, wherever feasible, take a chilly shower. To keep your beard moisturized and protected, cool water closes the cuticles.

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Never Pick

Love having your beard touched? It feels fantastic, yes? Even if it itches, resist the urge to pick or scrape the skin beneath throughout the cold. Picking can cause skin inflammation, infection, and even painful ingrown hairs. 

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Do Not Ice It

Do you know those tough challenges where you have to upload selfies with your hair and beard looking crazily frosted? Do not do it. A frozen beard is fragile and breakable. Your face and beard wind up being dried up by the frozen condensation. 

Use a scarf and a decent coat with a high collar to keep your facial locks as cozy and toasty as the rest of you if you must venture outside in the bitter cold. A protected and well-cared-for beard makes for a good winter beard.

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Avoid Excessive Dampness

Offer your beard the same level of protection you would offer the rest of you when you are out in the elements for a lengthy period of time (for play or work). Wear a scarf, a high-collared coat, jacket, or hoodie, and bring an umbrella.

First off, a beard that receives much direct dampness may become frizzy and unkempt. Second, hairs may become fragile if they bear the weight of the water for a lengthy period of time, particularly in the cold.

If your beard does become wet during the winter, carefully wipe it dry before using the brush once again. Add a few more drops of beard oil if necessary.

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Dry Carefully

Use a towel to gently pat your beard dry after washing or rinsing. Never rub it forcefully unless you want broken ends, brittleness, irritation, and tugging of the follicles. Avoid using a blow dryer like the plague if at all possible. Dehydration is simply not something you need. Use it exclusively on the cool setting if there is an emergency. Don’t then scrimp on the next two pieces of advice.

a man getting a blow dry at a barber shop

Give Your Beard a Winter Trim

Regular trimming is essential, but in the winter it becomes even more crucial. Moisture loss brought on by cold weather damage may result in long-lasting damage like broken ends. By routinely trimming your beard to remove stray hairs and split ends using a high-quality pair of scissors, you can maintain it looking fashionable and healthy. 

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Eat Well

One of the most crucial things to consider while managing your beard and hair during the winter is nutrition. Protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and other vital elements that encourage hair development may be found in the diet. Watch what you eat this winter to make sure your hair is receiving the proper care from within.

humidifier on a wooden stool

Utilize a humidifier inside your house

Unbelievably, your home is the worst bearded offender throughout the winter, not the outside. We turn on the heating in our home as soon as the temperature drops. However, because the majority of heating systems remove moisture from the air, our houses become exceedingly dry. And a dry beard results from dry air indoors.

The simple solution to this is to get some humidifiers and arrange them thoughtfully all over your house. By doing this, the moisture in the air will be retained, thus benefiting your beard.

a man getting a shave from a barber

Take also good care of your skin

There are various ways in which your skin and beard are interdependent. Your beard will suffer if your skin is unhealthy, and a poorly kept beard can have an adverse effect on the appearance of your face. Therefore, it is important to pay particular care to your complexion throughout the winter. To prevent dryness, we advise applying a heavy moisturizer to your skin since dry skin might irritate the skin under your beard.


Now that you are aware of some of the most important beard maintenance advice, you can safeguard your beard and maintain it looking its best. No matter what time of year it is, all it takes are a few little tweaks to have a healthy and attractive beard.