Tips for Making Your Mustache or Beard Stand Out from the Crowd

Master your mustache

It takes skill to grow a decent mustache. How to raise it, care for it, and manage it every day. Furthermore, mustache hairs can be a little unruly, let us face it. Each one of us is. Follow these tips to make your mustache stand out from the crowd:

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Develop It Early

One of the major challenges of having a large mustache is that it may make several activities difficult, such as eating, drinking, kissing, and many others. Because of this, especially if you want a handlebar mustache, we advise hitting your mustache with a little mustache wax early to start training the hairs to grow away from your mouth.

Have beard wax on hand

You will discover very soon that you should never go without mustache wax if you have a mustache. Apply it in the morning, then tuck the tube away in your pocket so you may use it again if necessary. Do not leave it in your car on a hot day, expert advice!

Do not go overboard

It is not necessary to adhere your mustache to your lip when it comes to mustache style. Keep your mustache basic and avoid applying too much wax. To keep your lips clean, mustache wax should be utilized as a type of function.

It is advised to use a gentle hand to get a natural look and to carry your wax in your pocket to reapply as necessary during the day.

When you are speaking with someone, attention will be drawn to your mustache since it is in the middle of your face. It is crucial to maintain organization throughout the day.

Mustache fashion

Enjoy it and use it! Do not be scared to let your mustache grow long and give a handlebar mustache a shot at least once since it may completely transform the way you appear!

Attempt several methods at home to start. Give it a try for the day if you like what you find. Wear what you like with confidence and be confident in what YOU enjoy.

Eating With a Mustache

For most mustache wearers, eating can be the worst. Some males even go so far as to claim you HAVE to stop eating specific things.

There is a huge list of other incredible dishes, including wings and cream cheese-topped bagels. Why would we want to renounce all of these mouthwatering things? Simply adhere to these rules and consume anything you want.

  • More expansively than usual, yet without creating a scene
  • Take smaller portions and behave politely by moving more slowly
  • Use cutlery even while eating something like pizza, which you would not often do
  • Use straws, cans, and bottles wherever possible

Keep a napkin or a detailer handy and pay attention to what you are eating. You do not have to stop eating your favorite foods to grow a mustache.  You should be able to have both.

Beard growth requires patience

Epic facial hair grows out over time. You need to exercise patience and allow nature to run its course. You will end up with a thin, patchy beard if you do not.

Do not touch your beard at all while it is first growing out for at least 4 weeks. Do not trim. No styling. Not at all. 

Many men are curious about how to make their facial hair look thicker or to reveal more. You cannot, in actuality. Do not screw things up; just be patient. When you are ready to start styling your beard, you will have the greatest starting point thanks to this, which guarantees that all of your hair will grow uniformly.

Maintain Your Beard

When growing a beard, many men want to know how to make their facial hair feel better. Although there is actual itching and discomfort, you may lessen both with some simple grooming practices. 

Start by frequently cleaning your facial hair. Look for components that are gentle on dirt and debris removal but not on natural oils. You may get a clean appearance in this way without harming your skin or facial hair.

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Apply Beard Oil on Your Facial Hair to Condition It

Your beard will become softer, less dry, and itchy, and have a more vibrant appearance after conditioning. This is also quite simple; all you need to do is evenly distribute a few drops of beard oil throughout your facial hair. The majority of males will benefit from taking it every day, but if you have oily skin or find that it is too much for you, you might want to use it less frequently.

Match Your Style to Your Face

Instead of taking away from your style, facial hair should complement it. Make sure your beard style showcases your greatest qualities by doing so. Do you, for instance, have a round face? A more defined beard that adds lines and structure to your appearance will give it some edge. 

The good news is that maintaining a great-looking beard does not require much time. Your ability to stand out from the crowd for the correct reasons will increase dramatically if you develop some reliable, high-quality grooming routines.

What Mustache Style Suits Me Best?

There are many different mustache styles available. These days, a mustache with a scruff, a kind of mustache-beard hybrid, is a fashionable look. Another alternative that is particularly popular with the “hip” setting is the handlebar mustache, which has carefully groomed motifs kept in place by mustache wax.

The traditional mustache style, which features a big mustache, a clean-shaven face, and no goatee, maybe the most popular. This indicates that the mustache is not connected to a goatee on the lower half of your face and that it does not taper out as a handlebar mustache would.

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Here are some pointers for keeping this time-honored mustache style:

  • Maintain a well-groomed mustache that is not too long, bushy, or thick (mustache and beard trimmers can help with this objective)
  • To hold stray or unruly hairs in place, use mustache wax
  • Regularly brush and groom your mustache, just as you would your beard
  • Trim as often as necessary, but stay away from the handlebar mustache style if you want to stand out subtly rather than loudly

Popular mustache styles 

The chevron

The chevron is a timeless mustache style that follows the shape of the upper lip, creating a slight upside-down v shape; it requires minimal grooming, making it perfect for those who want an impressive mustache, without too much work.


A traditional, vintage look. Although it dates back to the 1930s, the pencil mustache is still wearable today. Although it is incredibly delicate and undetectable, this scarcely their mustache needs a lot of care to maintain its impeccable form.


A statement made through strong and distinctive facial hair. The horseshoe is made up of a long, thick mustache that joins two vertical cheek hair strips on either side of the mouth. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it could take some time to grow, but it will be worth the wait. 

Barber Stach

A beard and mustache combined in a highly fashionable style. The beard Stache gives you a tough appearance by combining a thick mustache with stubble. Play around with lengths to achieve the best appearance for your face while having fun with this style.


A razor-sharp mustache with maximum curl potential. Despite being popular for centuries, the handlebar mustache has just returned to being in with the alternative, hip look. Good length and waxing at the ends give this mustache the recognizable curls on either side of the lips.