Top Mustache Mistakes

Despite being only a small portion of your facial hair, the mustache is considered to be the hardest to style when you compare it to the beard, as it would often be the most visible part of your facial hair, and it would determine how well your smile and your entire face will look. So, most people that have facial hair would opt to put more time and effort into styling their mustache, as an ugly mustache would ruin the overall appearance of the facial hair even if you have styled your beard properly.

Beginners are usually prone to making mistakes, as they don’t have any experience in styling mustaches. If you are one of those newbies, we are here to help you identify the mistakes commonly made by beginners like you when it comes to styling and maintaining a mustache. Veterans in facial hair grooming may also learn a thing or two in this article on things that they do on their mustache that they don’t realize is a mistake or a bad habit. So, let us start with the list of top mustache mistakes.

Growing a Mustache That is Too Long

The most common mistake that newbies make when growing a beard and mustache is that they let all the facial hairs grow too long. For beards, growing it long may pose no problem, but for mustaches, it may cause complications for your mouth, your lungs, or your stomach. The hairs of your mustaches would usually catch dirt, dust, and other elements, and if it is too long, then there is a chance that these elements may get to your mouth. 

While small dust particles would be harmless, there would be harmful elements stuck on your mustache that may cause illnesses. So, it is better if you can keep the hairs of your mustache away from your mouth as much as possible. If the mustache gets too long, you can trim it yourself, or you can go to a professional barber that will not only trim the mustache but also style it.

Not Trimming Diagonally

Another common mistake made by both veterans and beginners is not trimming diagonally, as a perfectly horizontal mustache would usually look unappealing since it doesn’t support or enhance the shape of your face. Trimming the mustache diagonally on its sides is typically a much more appealing style to do since a horizontal mustache may not be able to properly support the weight of the hairs, thus becoming less and less horizontal as the hairs continue to grow.

In addition, the thickness of the hairs may not be equal in each part of the mustache, as the sides would push the hairs up when trimmed horizontally, resulting in thicker facial hair on the sides rather than the middle. We recommend that you trim your mustache diagonally, mainly because it keeps the natural direction of growth for the hairs while also being easier to do than trimming horizontally. 

Having an Incompatible Mustache Style

a man that has a long mustache

We all don’t really have the same face shape, so there are some mustache styles that are only compatible with certain face shapes. If you want to learn about the best mustache styles for you, you would either need to research more about your face shape or just consult your local barber that is probably more knowledgeable in facial hair grooming.

An incompatible mustache may just ruin the overall appearance and attractiveness of your face, so it would be best if you just stick to styles that match your face shapes, even if you are not fond of some of the styles that suit you. Who knows, you may eventually get used to that mustache style and keep it for many years.

Not Buying the Best Grooming Products and Tools

A pair of scissors and a facial hair trimmer simply won’t do it if you want to style your mustache properly, so it is recommended that you buy some of the best grooming tools and products for your facial hair. A beard and mustache shampoo is essential if you want clean facial hair while also washing away the dirt and food particles that may get stuck on it. Beard oil is also another important product to have since it moisturizes the hairs of your beard and mustache and keeps them looking fresh. A brush made for facial hair is also great for keeping the hairs straight and properly groomed so that you won’t have to suffer from a forked beard and mustache. You can learn more about the best grooming products by reading or watching reviews online and by following recommendations from friends.

By learning about these common mustache mistakes, you will be able to stop yourself from doing them and retain a proper facial hair routine. Always remember that mustaches and beards need constant care, so treat them as best as you can by applying grooming products and styling them regularly.