Top Reasons to Grow a Beard

In case you haven’t noticed, beards are becoming quite popular nowadays, as more men are associating growing a beard with manliness and maturity. Of course, beards are not applicable for all men, as you would often need to have a suitable face shape and size in order for a beard to look good on you. However, it could be said that most men look better with beards, which is why having a beard is advantageous if a man wants to look more attractive. Besides looking better, having a beard also has various benefits, and these would be deciding factors if you want to pursue growing a beard. Here are the various reasons why you should grow a beard.

Provides Protection for Your Nose and Mouth

Despite the common notion that beards are dirty or disgusting, they are actually quite hygienic if the person that has a beard knows how to clean and maintain them on a daily basis. Besides being clean, beards also offer protection for both your nose and your mouth, as the hair on the lower portion of your face can help stop dirt and allergens from reaching inside the two parts of your face that were mentioned. So, if you have severe nasal allergies, you may find a beard helpful in lessening the chances of you getting sick, but you would need to clean your beard every now and then so that the dirt sticking from it will get washed away.

Offers UV Protection

In addition to protecting your mouth and nose from dirt or allergens, beards also have the ability to offer protection for your face against harmful UV rays that may cause sunburns or cancer. If you are skeptical about this benefit, several studies claim that bears are able to block more than 95% of harmful UV rays from hitting the lower part of your face, so it acts like a tree that blocks the sunshine from getting on your skin. When you enjoy the beach for a few hours and you shave your beard the next day, you may notice that the lower part of your face would look lighter than the body parts that are not covered with hair or clothes. This situation proves that bears are indeed effective in blocking the sun’s rays.

bearded man with sunglasses

Be More Disciplined in Personal Hygiene

Washing your face and your body can sometimes be tedious and time-consuming, so most of us just take a few minutes in a bathtub or shower, and we are already good to go. However, the short time that we allow for our personal hygiene is bad, as we don’t actually take out the dirt, grime, and bacteria that are clinging to our bodies if we only take a bath for only several minutes. By growing a beard, you may start to get conscious of your personal hygiene, as the health of your beard would actually be seen by other people, unlike the other parts of your body that you can just cover with clothes or spray perfume on. So, if you want to have more discipline in taking care of your personal hygiene, try growing and maintaining a beard by using beard oil and other beard-cleaning tools. Soon, you may also be influenced to buy products and tools that will help you clean the other parts of your body.

Be Part of the Growing Trend

As mentioned in the beginning sentences of this article, growing beards have become increasingly popular over the years, and if you want to follow the trend, you have the option to do. There is nothing wrong with actually being part of the growing trend, as it would just signify that you are actually knowledgeable in what is popular in today’s culture when it comes to fashion and appearance. On the other hand, beards are also unpopular in several situations too, like applying for a job or going to a wedding. However, because of the overwhelming popularity of beards nowadays, having beards during these events is now acceptable. But, be sure to ask the organizer of the event or do some research about the company you are going to apply for to see if they allow beards since not all people are still accepting of beards in a formal or career-related event.

Try Out a New Style

One of the satisfying things that you can do for your loved ones is to surprise them by trying out a new look like putting on glasses, trying clothes that you’ve never worn before, or having a beard. By growing a beard, you will eventually see the surprised reactions of your loved ones that may either like your new look or are not fond of it. However, their opinion on your new look wouldn’t really matter, as it would still be up to you if you want to keep the beard and if you think it looks good on you. Being confident in yourself is a reason why you want to try a new look and grow a beard, so start gaining some self-confidence by being able to appreciate your looks no matter what style or appearance you put on.

So, those are just some of the best reasons why you should grow a beard. Opting to have a beard or not would still depend if you are actually committed to cleaning and maintaining your beard, as this type of facial hair may require a bit of work to look nice and neat. If you are really planning to grow a beard, be prepared to buy beard-related products so that you can take care of it better.