Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion Plus

We have reviewed a lot of Wahl’s grooming tools already. However, they don’t stop here, as we are still tyring our best to provide you with information regarding Wahl’s best products. Because… let’s face it, Wahl is still one of the top names when it comes to men’s at-home grooming products. They are pretty much consistent in bringing quality grooming tools for men that they can comfortably and conveniently use whether they are in the privacy of their homes or they are out on the road.

For sure, Wahl doesn’t want to be complacent and it seems that each time they come up with a lot of more attractive features. Let’s talk about affordable and portable all-in-one trimmers. Have you experienced thes struggle of using a pair of scissors, disposable razors or basic trimmers that do not give you satisfactory results? Not to mention, these rudimentary grooming tools can take you a lot of time. And if you intend to carry them in your travels, that’s surely bound to be a hassle.

For guys who are always on the go but want to keep up with their grooming routine…

The Wahl Lithium Ion Plus 9818 is one of the more affordable electric groomers we have found in the rather saturated market. But can it deliver its promise of bringing clean shaves, precise trimming and especially its long battery life? Or will it make you go back to basic grooming that you have gotten used to? We’ll take a deeper look at it.

The Written Review

Fortunately, there are plus points that we have found on the Wahl Lithium Ion Plus 9818. This is a highly portable hair clipper so for those who are frequently on the go and still want to keep up their grooming routine, the Wahl Lithium Ion 9818 is the ideal option. It has the functions and the performance of a professional grooming tool plus the portability and ease of use that many on-the-go guys want.

The most attractive feature of the Wahl Lithium Ion 9818 is obviously the battery. The resilient lithium ion battery provides up to four hours of runtime after an hour’s worth of full charging. Another great thing about this tool is that it has the dual voltage capacity, which means you can use it for 110v and 220v outlets, so the universal voltage makes this electric grooming tool perfect especially for international travel. But it cannot run while it’s plugged in, so you can’t use it while it’s charging. But don’t worry, you can quickly charge it up to a minute for three minutes of shaving or trimming especially if you’re in a hurry.

You can always trust Wahl for their products’ cutting and trimming prowess. The Wahl Lithium Ion 9818 gets additional brownie points for its high-quality blades. They are constructed with carbon steel, which makes them to be self-sharpening and long-lasting for high-precision trims. Plus, this tool’s extra powerful torque ensures that the blades can cut through even the thickest and the most stubborn facial hair without any chances of plucking. So all you will get is powerful, precise and smooth grooming each time you use the Wahl Lithium Ion Plus 9818.

Well, let’s talk a bit more about Wahl Lithium Ion 9818’s battery once again. To say that the battery is great is a sheer understatement. The lithium ion battery provides the motor a lot of punch that you can’t find this level of power in a regular battery. Yep, you can really feel the machine buzzing in your hand every time you turn it on. It’s that powerful!

So if power and long battery life are your top considerations when looking for a trimmer, the Wahl Lithium Ion 9818 has got to be it.

It has four various attachment heads to provide you a more customized grooming – trimming beards and mustache, hair cutting, nose and ear hair trimming, and body grooming. Name them, this tool does them all. The Wahl Lithium Ion 9818 gives you the freedom to create the grooming style you want.

While there are many pluses, there are also some minuses about the Wahl Lithium Ion Plus 9818. We have previously implied about its unavailability for usage while it’s still plugged in. Like many other trimmers, the Wahl Lithium Ion Plus 9818 has some occasional issues. The powerful motor might be noisy to some, and the combs may split if you’re not being careful using them.  

Also, this model is not waterproof, so therefore you cannot wash or clean it with water or any other liquid. You can only clean it with a brush and oil that is specially made for cleaning trimming and clipping blades. Fortunately, the Wahl Lithium Ion 9818 has fewer accessories than any other models, so it won’t take too long and hard to clean and maintain them.

As it is made to be portable, the Wahl Lithium Ion Plus 9818 comes with a durable zip-lock bag to safely store the trimmer and its accessories.

Final Mark from the Beard Institute

We will hold off until we can put up a video review about it. If long-lasting power is what you’re really after, the Wahl Lithium Ion Plus 9818 is battery galore. Overall, this a really good product for its price.

  • Charge: 1 hour for a 4-hour use (one minute quick charging for a three-minute use)
  • Length settings: 13 settings
  • Features: superior battery life, quick charging, four different attachment heads, self-sharpening stainless steel blades, universal voltage
  • Price: $$
  • Amazon rating: 4.0/5 stars