What is the Beardstache Style?

Men are fortunate to have several options for styling their facial hair to get the ideal face shape. The beard stache is one of the most incredible facial hairstyles for white, black people because it mixes an enormous mustache with a shorter beard for a truly distinctive look. When you mix and match facial hairstyles, you instantly start something fresh and stylish. 

What Is The Beardstache?

The beard stache is a beard style with thicker mustache hair than a shorter or stubble beard. The primary emphasis is on the length of the mustache and how it combines with the rest of your shorter beard hair.

The beard-stache is a mix of a lengthier mustache style, such as the Walrus or Chevron. Some men like to integrate the ends of their mustaches into short, neat beards, while others want to distinguish the long mustache from a stubble beard with clean-shaven regions in between. And if you ever observe that people usually black man has full beard styles. 

For tips on how to style this beard, we’ve included a step-by-step guide to grooming a beard stache, but we think it’s preferable to show you the various ways men have worn this appearance in the past.

Face Shape Guide For Beardstaches

We believe you can style and maintain a beard form that complements your face, but experts say the beard stache looks best with a firm jawline and more upper lip space to grow out your mustache.

This indicates that the following two facial forms complement the beard stache the best:

  • Square face shape
  • Triangle face shape
  • Diamond face shape
  • Oval face shape

However, rounder features and heart-shaped faces should avoid this style, according to specialists. This, experts believe, is dependent on your beard-growing expertise and knowledge of the appropriate beard length.

How To Get A Beardstache

Take notice of the following pre-shave tips before shaving this look:

  • Use a beard trimmer with comb protectors.
  • Allow your beard to dry and brush your hair before shaving.
  • Get mustache scissors from a barber to cut your facial hair.
  • To shape your beard, use a beard shaping tool to create straight or curved cheek lines.
  • To further style your hair, use mustache wax.

1. Choose The Right Comb Guards

The secret to this look is to know what comb guard lengths you need to shave down your beard to make your mustache stand out more. As a result, you should start with a comb length of 4mm or less and buzz down your facial hair to the desired beard length.

2. Determine Length And Style Of Mustache

Because the mustache is the focal point of the beard stache, choose a length and thickness that will shine over your beard, which should be cut back.

Any longer mustache style will look great with a genuine beard stache. Here are several mustache styles to consider:

  • Bald with Mustache Styles
  • Handlebar Mustache Style
  • Mustache Styles for Black Men
  • Horseshoe Mustache Style
  • Tom Selleck Mustache Style

Quick Tips for Trimming Your Mustache

  • Use mustache trimming guidelines such as the Chevron or Horseshoe.
  • Fade your mustache connector lines using a variety of comb sizes, ranging from 5mm to 2mm or such.
  • Before estimating the length of your mustache hair, make sure it is dry and brushed out.

3. Outline Your Beard

If you’re transitioning from a long, thick beard, you’ll need to clean-shave around your cheekbones and trim up your neckline first. This is useful for shortening your beard and allowing your mustache to take center stage.

We recommend utilizing a beard form guide to outline your cheek lines and jawline since this will allow you to style your beard hair shorter than your mustache.

You can also have a beard that only covers your chin, covers more of your chin and jaw, or links to your sideburns. The following beard forms complement this more prolonged mustache and scruffy beard look:

  • Goatee
  • Stubble beard
  • Extended goatee
  • Short beard styles

4. Stick To The Beard Stache Rule

The mustache is the king of the beard stache. If your mustache does not appear to be longer than your beard when you look in the mirror, you might try trimming your chin and lip hair.