Online Roulette Games

Roulette is a game of chance that is considered a symbol of casinos. It was invented by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century and has remained one of the most popular casino games ever since.

Roulette consists of two parts: the wheel with the ball and the playing field for betting.

The roulette wheel is divided into 37 and 38 sectors (depending on the type of roulette). During the game, the ball launched by the dealer stops on the red or black sector with a certain number. And the players who made a stake in this sector — wins.

The playing field is divided into several areas, in which the dealer places chips players. You can place a stake in specific sectors, colours or optionally (even/odds, range of numbers, etc.).

The game begins with bets, after which the dealer starts to spin the wheel and launch the ball into it. Winners are determined after the rotation is complete. The winner is the number or colour of the cell, which stopped the ball. Today you can play almost any gaming site.

How to play roulette

In front of the player is a playing field, divided into sectors. They are numbers from 0 to 36; there are also fields with specific betting names.

The player can make one or more stakes before the wheel starts. The croupier then launches the ball into the spinning roulette wheel, where the numbers are plotted. There is a balance between red and black, even and odd.

The black and red sectors alternate with each other. In addition, on the roulette wheel itself, the red sectors are opposite the black ones. After the two odd go the even, they are also opposite each other. For example, if you draw a line through the centre from the black sector with the number 4, it will lead to the red sector with the number 3.

Bets are divided into several categories

  • internal;
  • external;
  • verbal (in French roulette).

Internal is placed on numbers; external are placed on rows or colours. The first bets win much less often because specific numbers don’t appear as often, but they bring bigger winnings. External stakes get rewards much more frequently but smaller in size.

When playing French and European roulette, the player can simply call out the number of the roulette wheel without having to put a chip on the field. Instead, such bets are placed on a particular field in the shape of a circle called “restrike”.

Roulette varieties

There are three main types of roulette:

  • European;
  • French;
  • American.

The essence of the game in any of the variants remains the same: it is necessary to predict which sector of the rotating disc the ball will stop. All differences concern the number of sectors on the roulette wheel and the types of stakes available.   You can also enjoy options like sbobet for fun as well.

Before the croupier launches the ball on the spinning disc, it is necessary to make bets. Therefore, chips are placed on the field before the start of the spin. As a result of the spin, the result obtained and the user’s bets are compared. The reward is given if at least one stake coincides with the sector’s characteristics in which the ball stopped (for example, the exact number or colour, row or column).