What is the Beardstache Style?

A Bearded Man Having a Phone Call

Men are fortunate to have several options for styling their facial hair to get the ideal face shape. The beard stache is one of the most incredible facial hairstyles for white, black people because it mixes an enormous mustache with a shorter beard for a truly distinctive look. When you mix and … Read more

Organic Ways to Grow Your Beard

Man with a long beard

Men are natural to have a beard or mustache. Some say that it adds masculinity and confidence. Though, for some instances, as frustrating for some men, it is required to pull confidence from somewhere and shave off the hair in their face. If you wonder why some look young every time the … Read more

Five Different Ways to Grow a Mustache

Mustache grows with time.

A full and healthy mustache is every guy’s dream. It is the ultimate proof of masculinity and gives the wearer a rugged, and suave appeal. Hair follicles in the face develop within a few months of birth.  When a boy hits puberty, the testosterone in his blood starts to stimulate facial hair … Read more

How to Get Rid of All the Unwanted Hair?

Unwanted Hair are unappealing. 

Unwanted hair are becoming a serious problem. Earlier, it was an issue that concerned women only but now men are also being sensitive about unwanted hair. It affects your overall look and creates a weird image of you. If you are groomed properly, you will attract a lot of attention. With different … Read more

Tips for Safe and Painless Nose Hair Removal

Keep it neat and stay confident.

Many people face the problem of excessive nose hair. Not only does it give an unappealing look but it is also an unhealthy practice to have excessive nose hair grown. Some of you may not trim the nose hair because it seems painful to pluck them. However, with certain techniques, you can … Read more

Why Are Beards Fashionable?

Why Are Beards Fashionable

Every man wishes to grow a beard at least once in his life regardless of his face cut. Keeping a beard does indeed give you a significantly changed look. For some, it may look good while for others, it may not suit much. From cultural affiliation to fashion, the turnaround of beards … Read more

Top Mustache Mistakes

man with an unkempt mustache

Despite being only a small portion of your facial hair, the mustache is considered to be the hardest to style when you compare it to the beard, as it would often be the most visible part of your facial hair, and it would determine how well your smile and your entire face … Read more

How to Deal with a Forked Beard

man with a forked beard

If you are trying to grow a long beard, you sometimes can’t control how the hairs of the beard grow. There may be instances where one side may not grow as fast as the other, or some hairs would grow in opposite directions. If the hairs do split once they grow past … Read more

Bad Habits that Might Be Ruining Your Grooming Routine

bearded man wearing a scarf

The beard is usually sensitive, as it will often react significantly under certain conditions. For example, if it is exposed to too much heat, the hairs of the beard can dry up pretty quickly, thus leaving you with an unkempt beard that is hard to shape or style. So, sensitive facial hair … Read more

Tips for Using Beard Balm and Oil Effectively

man with a beard

Taking care of your beard can be difficult most of the time, as the hairs of the beard can get frail pretty quickly, and it is often prone to getting too much dirt and grime, especially when you are eating. However, there are many products that we can use to properly maintain … Read more